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Offering my story is something I love, teenagers get a lot of bad press but their hormones are everywhere they are fighting for their independence and figuring out who they are. Its a very difficult time in our lives, peers become more important than family, whilst fun and keeping up appearances become more important than our future. I know this because that's how I felt and acted as a teen. This led me down a path of bad choices which eventually left me with life changing injuries at the age of 15. Navigating life as a teen from a wheelchair was very difficult and took a long time to adapt, I had no qualifications and no physical ability to get back on my horse. I talk about how I overcame such horrific injuries and adapted to a new life showing life is purely what you make it, you need to believe in yourself to get where you want to be. Nothing is impossible with the right mindset and the story of breeding my own horse training him and against all odds carriage driving and competing able bodied. I had to start thinking outside the box. I like to engage with an audience as naturally as possible seeing the funny side whilst also letting people see the emotions we all go through as humans, none of us are free from life tests and no-one is strong all the time but changing your mindset to believe in yourself is possible. I offer talks and/or demonstrations with my horses and equipment to many types of audiences.

nat mum me BHS award_edited.jpg
bhs award_edited.jpg

Presented with the
"Exceptional Achievement Award"
November 2023

For notable triumph against the odds showing determination, courage and sportsmanship!

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