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Although this is my Dream and I have pushed the life i am leading, it wouldn't be possible without the amazing people around me. I have an amazing family and friends. My yard has a close knit team, we support and push each other to excel in all we do.  Everyone needs a support network and mine have become family, Me a long with my friends Natalie Drake, Amy Stott, Ria Beaumont and Eleanor Town-Jones are constant support in all we do pushing and being there through life's challenges. Ria Beaumount is a huge part of the team my Main back step for Majestic, while Amy and Eleanor backstep Frankie. Ria along with Natalie, Tj Barrett, Amy and her daughter Eleanor help look after the horses, the yard, help harnessing putting the horse's to carriage and constantly just being my right arm in all my daily dramas. Their support enables me to compete, and enjoy my horses daily whilst giving me the opportunity to offer demonstrations to the public to show anything is possible with the right mindset. My support network is huge and although i have my daily team it reaches further to family and friends volunteering to drive my wagon its a shared responsibility being my horses taxi.


Sponsored by James Canning Farrier

A little background on the Majestic Equines

The story behind each horse..


Majestic was homebred I still own his Dam Olka. My intention was to have a foal to bring up around my chair so we could learn to understand each other and eventually take on carriage driving trials, against many peoples thoughts. Young horses were a great passion of mine before my spinal injury and for a long time I believed it would be impossible to train a horse from a wheelchair. I spent time on and off from the day he was born playing with him and building a relationship. It wasn't all easy he was a wild colt and I spent many days crying with frustration. I knew how to handle these situations stood up but not from a chair. eventually after perseverance we built a unique bond I owe my life to Majestic because he challenged me where I needed the most, his cheeky playful spirit gave my life meaning and together we have accomplished so much. He saved my life when I thought I had nothing to live for. He's now 8years old 15.1hh pure bread sport Friesian. I have owned many horses in my time but I have never had a bond with a horse like I do him. We now compete in carriage driving trials and i offer demonstrations where I can talk about our full journey and what we do and the business is named after him Majestic Equine



I bought Frankie as a 4 year old for the niece and nephew however, soon realised he was a bit sharp for them to learn to ride. During covid Majestic started head shaking and whilst we were getting that under control I started working with Frankie and soon fell in love with him. He is very quirky little pony and didn't have much trust in people. I knew he had been bred by a very known carriage driving family so had good breeding for the trials and had done a little bit in the carriage, so I decided to start driving him and he excelled expectations, i spent a lot of time on the ground building a bond. he's very talented and loving. unfortunately he was diagnosed with EMS and had laminitis and his odds weren't great. but after much perseverance we have him back to full health and thriving in carriage driving. My new goal is to take him to the indoors for the winter season and majestic to the 2-3 day events during the summer. I also offer demonstrations on him and how we work together. Frankie is 8 years old 12.2hh  cob cross. The cutest kindest little pony with another heart warming story.


I haven't owned Donte long i bought him when he was just 6 months old. I wanted to set myself another goal of bringing a baby on now I have more experience from a chair, I have set myself another challenge to do it all over again and document the journey with him. He is now 1, hes a welsh Section C very cheeky adorable chap and i am going to have my work cut out. His breed thrive in carriage driving trials but i have a lot of learning and strength to build in myself in order to do him justice. I have 3 to 4 years whilst he matures to gain the skill required. In that time I hope to build the bond and understanding on the ground. I truly believe goal setting is the way to achieve and I believe with perseverance we will accomplish our goals.

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